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Chandana Kannada Sangha

KC - 2 A Side Cricket Tournament - Rules

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Rules for Kansas City Double Wicket Taped Tennis Ball Tournament



1.       The tournament will be conducted under normal ICC cricket rules except in matters explained below.

2.       There shall be 2 cricketers per team.

3.       Each player gets 2 overs to bat and 2 overs to bowl per match. If one batsman gets out, the other (not out) batsman will be allowed a rollover of the remaining bowling to be faced by the second batsman. If both batsmen get out before the scheduled number of overs to be bowled for a team is complete, that innings shall be deemed complete.

4.       The total number of players participating in the tournament will be restricted to 48 (or 24 teams).

5.       Individuals OR Teams can participate. In case of Individuals, they will be grouped into teams by Chandana Kannada Sangha of Kansas City designated officials. The member of the team will be drawn on a first come first served basis.

6.       If participating as a team, Teams should intimate the names of both players in the team in advance. All entries must be received on or before Aug 5th 2007 in order to facilitate draws.

7.       Draws will be determined by the officials designated by Chandana Kannada Sangha of Kansas City on a first come first served basis and participants will be informed in advance.

8.       Each team will be provided a team number before the start of the tournament. The team number will be used to track the progress of the team in the tournament.

9.       1, 2 or 3 matches could be conducted simultaneously depending on availability of venue and support staff.

10.   Match officials (including umpires and scorer) will be non participating neutral individuals determined by Chandana Kannada Sangha of Kansas City. Every effort will be made to ensure that the quality of their work is of high standards. However, their authority and decision will be final on matters relating to their domain (i.e. umpiring, scoring etc.)

11.   All teams are required to assemble in the venue on time on the designated days of the tournament. Any team not arriving before official start time of their match will be considered to have forfeited their enrollment and a walk over will awarded to the opponents. In case both teams do not arrive, the team(s) playing the winners of that round in the next round will be awarded a walk over and so forth.

12.   First round with 12 games will determine 12 winners. These 12 teams will be split into 4 groups of 3 teams each team in a group plays the other 2 team in a round-robin manner. Top teams from each of the 4 groups will enter semi finals.

13.   Since each team has only 2 members, fielding is mandatory for all participants. Each bowling team will be provided 9 players from the standby list of participants as fielders.  The Chandana Kannada Sangha of Kansas City officials will designate fielders. All participants need to know that they could be called upon to field at anytime and are required to accept this arrangement.

14.   Non playing participants (i.e. people currently not part of the batting team or bowling team or fielding) are requested to help out with the smooth running of the tournament.

15.   This tournament is being conducted by well meaning people volunteering a lot of their time for a good cause. Participants are requested to take into account these factors and maintain good sportsman spirit as well as provide enthusiastic response and volunteer help where possible and needed so that we can ensure a good collection for the noble cause and have fun while doing it.

Finally please check this area prior to the beginning of the tournament for updates.

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