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Chandana Kannada Sangha

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Our Organization
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Who We Are, Where We've Been

Our beginning
Chandana Kannada Sangha(formerly Kannada Association Of Kansas City) was formed in 1993. As Ugadhi marks the beginning of a new year and a good ocassion for starting new organizations, the sangha started by organizing a cultural meet on Ugadhi day in 1993.

There were 30 Kannada families in 1993, when the sangha started it's activities. A news letter was written and circulated every quarter and the sangha held 3 events in a year. These were on the ocassion of Ugadhi, Kannada Rajyotsava/Deepavali and an annual picnic.

Our Vision
Chandana Kannada Sangha  shall be the foremost non-profit socio-cultural organization to foster the culture of the people of Karnataka, India, in the states of Kansas and Missouri.
Our Aims and Objectives
  • Foster the culture of Karnataka and that of Kannadigas in the Kansas and Missouri states
  • Promote the spirit of friendship and co-operation among the people interested in the culture of Karnataka
  • Collaborate with other associations in North America or elsewhere in matters of common interest
  • Present performing artists, movies, sports activities, other cultural programs, cultural and business delegations, and visiting dignitaries, with a view to promote and propagate the culture of Karnataka
  • Keep members informed by effective means of communication
  • Encourage youth of Karnataka origin to develop, preserve and propagate cultural identity
  • Assist newcomers to integrate into the Kannada society in the Kansas and Missouri area
  • Encourage the social, cultural, educational, recreational and welfare interests of members of the Organization and act as a primary forum to showcase the talents of the same
  • Identify and showcase talent in the Kannada Community in Kansas and Missouri
  • Influence/support community service and charitable causes in North America and India