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Chandana Kannada Sangha

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Connecting on a personal level is an important part of sharing ideas. On this page we'll present some details about our organization and the people behind it.


Chandana Kannada Sangha activites are organized by the Chandana Kannada Sangha Executive Committee members, who take great pride and dedication in preparing and arranging the various events of Chandana Kannada Sangha.

The 2007-2008 Chandana Kannada Sangha Board of Trustees are as follows:
  • Keshav Kumar
  • Keshav Kote
  • Sridhar Harohalli
  • Dave Murthy
  • Sarjapur Nagaraj
  • Suma Hegde
  • Sunitha Prabhushankar
The 2007 Chandana Kannada Sangha Executive committe is as follows:
    Office Bearers
  • President - Ramakrishna Hegde
  • Vice President - Ravi Narayan
  • Secretary - Subramanya Srikantapuram
  • Treasurer - Vydehi Rao

      Committee Members

  • Pratibha Kote
  • Latha Honnur
  • Tanu Ravi
  • Ganga Murthy
  • Madhu
  • Anjan Madhwesh




Our Programs

Chandana Kannada Sangha organizes the following main events in a year. These events are on the ocassions of certain important festivals and days. These are:
1. Ugadhi
2. Ganesha
3. Rajyotsava/Deepavali
4. Annual Picnic 
5. Youth Wing events
In addition to the events above the Sangha also organizes other periodical events and participates in fund-raising events for organizations in need

Membership and Event Fees

  • Annual membership  - $30
  • Life time membership - $300
  • Non Member Event Fee - $15
  • Student Event Fee - $10
  • Member Event Fee - FREE